Personal Space Invader I (Bootleg Edition)

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A homemade horror comedy about a psycho space monkey that is a homage to the classic shot-on-video slasher movies. Deputy Drew (Justin Decloux), faced with the prospect of dealing with the Spring Breakers in small-town-nowhere begins finding dismembered body pieces and banana peels everywhere. When he brings it to the attention of the Sheriff (Bob Blaschuk) (who is on vacation), the duo search for clues that ultimately lead them to an inter-dimensional ape chase, close on the heels of the dung-slinging Space Monkey (Adam Thorn).

On Disc 1:

  • The Movie!
  • 2 Commentary Tracks!
    • With Director Adam Thorn, Star Bob Blaschuck and Co-Star Justin Decloux
    • With Editor Justin Decloux
  • Making-of-Featurette!
  • The X-Terminator Short Film!

On Disc 2: 

  • The VHS Version of Personal Space Invader - Experience the film in its most enjoyable form - as if it was taped off late night television in fullscreen, with washed out colours and interrupted by commercials!
  • Exclusive VHS commentary!