Blu-ray: Flesh Freaks

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In 1998, a teenage film fanatic named Conall Pendergast followed his parents to Belize to document their participation in an archeological dig. Stranded in a remote animal-filled jungle, the aspiring Writer/Director realized he had a great location on his hands and a camera at his disposal, so why not make a zombie film? The end result became FLESH FREAKS, a micro-budget wonder shot in South America and Toronto that harkens back to the madness of Peter Jackson’s BAD TASTE and the exotic locales of HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD - but with way more high-schoolers stabbing undead monstrosities in the face. In 2003, Conall followed up his directorial debut with the blood-soaked creature feature KILL THEM AND EAT THEM which charts the adventures of Dr. Gore and his army of bloodthirsty mutants. It’s part THE GUYVER, part MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND and all monster mashing mayhem. Gold Ninja Video is proud to present both films for the first time on Blu-ray along with a gut pile new extras produced exclusively for this release, which includes commentaries, the first release of Conall Pendergast’s animated short film DOT, and so much more


  • A feature-length audio commentary track on Flesh Freaks by Writer/Director Conall Pendergast and Justin Decloux 
  • A feature-length audio commentary track on Kill Them and Eat Them with Writer/Director Conall Pendergast, Monster Performer Mike Wood, and Justin Decloux 
  • FEATURETTE: Kill and Eat the Flesh Freaks: A Q&A with Conall Pendergast 
  • ARCHIVAL MATERIAL: The Original DVD Commentary from Flesh Freaks,  Behind the Scenes on Kill Them and Eat ThemOuttakes and more...
  • VHS-VISION: An alternate transfer of Flesh Freaks captured off a VHS tape that was released in 2001. 
  • THE BLOOR SHORTS: Nine short films directed by Justin Decloux in 2009 that co-starred the makers of Kill Them and Eat Them. 
    • Dot
    • Friend of the Devil
    • Legend of the Seven Bloody Torturers 
    • Guts of the Gods
    • Flicker
    • Satan's Ghoul 


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