About CANMAKE Productions

Meet the team that started it.

CANMAKE Productions produces films in Toronto, Ontario. Since 2012 director Justin Decloux and producer Emily Milling have worked on a number of shorts, features, YouTube videos and podcasts. Right now the CANMAKE team is finishing up Impossible Horror and Accidental Cat (working title). CANMAKE released Teddy Bomb (2014) on Blu-ray in December of 2016. April Etmanski (long-time high school friend of Emily) joined CANMAKE Productions in 2014 as an actor in We’re In A Fight and continues to work with the team as a producer/writer on their new short Ready (working title).


Emily Milling, Producer/ComposerEmily Milling is a producer and composer for CANMAKE Productions and specializes in corporate video production


Emily is organized and a little extreme, but that means she gets you what you need and that’s a good thing. Got a vision? Emily has a way to execute it.

Emily has a creative background in film, music composition and audio. On the business side, Emily lives for project management, marketing and communications. Over the last five years she has produced two soundtracks, a short horror film, a feature horror film, several corporate videos, a podcast about creative women and a podcast recorded as a live radio play.

Emily’s passions are in storytelling, dynamic productions and creative techniques in film. Her next project is a short film about the surreal experience of attending baby showers, told through body horror imagery and unconventional practical effects.

Justin Decloux, DirectorJustin Decloux is a writer and director of independent/indie films in Toronto such as Teddy Bomb or Impossible Horror


Justin’s brain is about as weird as you can get! But that means that he can put together creative, inventive new ways of telling a story. With so much content going around, that’s a pretty great brain to have!

Justin’s background is in narrative film, writing and directing. A graduate of Algonquin College’s Television Broadcasting program, over the last ten years he has brought two feature films to life with a third in the can, and endless shorts and promo videos. His technical knowledge of videography and editing allow him to adapt to different types of film and video production quickly, making him an expert in efficient filmmaking.

Justin’s specialty is in seeing the big picture while he’s executing the little elements that bring stories to life. His artistic vision draws out great performances from cast and crew, and his long-term vision keeps his production teams on target.

April Etmanski, Producer/Editor


April is the calm and collected person that literally everyone needs on set at all times. Not only does she know how to inspire the team to keep going when things get tough, but she’s always ready to roll up her sleeves to get things done. Did we mention she’s a top-notch editor as well?

April’s background is in post-production for boutique production companies around Toronto. A graduate of Humber College’s Post-production program, April has been working in the industry for almost ten years as an editor and colourist. She’s currently expanding into writing and producing, rounding out her expertise in filmmaking.