Laser Blast Film Society Zines - Multi-Pack Issues 1-5!

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All of the Laser Blast Film Society Zines up to issue number five for only $5! Capsule reviews by Laser Blast co-programmer Justin Decloux, writer Will Sloan, interview with director Steven Kostanski, Laser Blast co-programmer and Tiff's Midnight Madness programmer Peter Kuplowsky, and more! All articles by Justin Decloux unless otherwise noted.

Included in this pack: 

  • 55 pages!

  • 26 Articles!

  • 66 Capsule Reviews!


Issue #1: KRACK!

Issue #2: The Wonderful World of Wong Jing

  • Have You Heard of Wong Jing?
  • A Shaw Bros Beginning
  • The Ballad of Jing and Jackie by Will Sloan
  • Wong Jing's Rip-Offs and One Offs
  • The Worst Best Friends: Wong Jing and Stephen Chow by Peter Kuplowsky
  • The Bastard Step Children
  • Win at Everything: The Madness of the "God of Gamblers" Series

Issue #3: The Sophomore Film/Female Horror Directors/A Beginner's Guide to Lucha Cinema

Issue #4: The Tsui Hark Super Special/The Terror of Romance/Robocop Rip-Offs

Issue #5: Sergio Martino/A Beginner's Guide to Brucesploitation/The Post-Apocalypse with Steven Kostanski