The CANMAKE Collection

All three movies available from CANMAKE Productions, Teddy Bomb, Monster With a Movie Camera, Personal Space Invader for only $30! 


A coming of age sci-fi splatter comedy with a dash of Hong Kong style action, Teddy Bomb is the story of a beer delivery boy named Christian who stumbles upon a ticking time bomb that also happens to be a sentient stuffed animal; a talking teddy bear that can melt your face off. 

He can't get rid of it, he can't go to the police, and there's no way in hell he can turn it off. To add insult to injury, the bomb's original owners want their property back and they'll decapitate, gut and eviscerate everyone that gets in their way. 

Whether Christian diffuses the bear or not, it's guaranteed that things will end in one big bloody bang. 

On the Disc:

  • Life's a Blast: Filming Teddy Bomb Featurette
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Alternate Scenes
  • Short Films
  • 10 Commentaries including
    • Director Justin Decloux
    • Actor Christian Murdoch
    • Actor Peter Kuplowsky
    • Cinematographer Pierce Derks
    • Actor Nate Wilson
    • Composer Emily Milling
    • Actor Duncan Bruce
    • ...and more!


A homemade horror comedy about a psycho space monkey that is a homage to the classic shot-on-video slasher movies. Deputy Drew (Justin Decloux), faced with the prospect of dealing with the Spring Breakers in small-town-nowhere begins finding dismembered body pieces and banana peels everywhere. When he brings it to the attention of the Sheriff (Bob Blaschuk) (who is on vacation), the duo search for clues that ultimately lead them to an inter-dimensional ape chase, close on the heels of the dung-slinging Space Monkey (Adam Thorn).

On Disc 1:

  • The Movie!
  • 2 Commentary Tracks!
    • With Director Adam Thorn, Star Bob Blaschuck and Co-Star Justin Decloux
    • With Editor Justin Decloux
  • Making-of-Featurette!
  • The X-Terminator Short Film!

On Disc 2: 

  • The VHS Version of Personal Space Invader - Experience the film in its most enjoyable form - as if it was taped off late night television in fullscreen, with washed out colours and interrupted by commercials!
  • Exclusive VHS commentary!


A public domain "What's Up Tiger Lilly" style film, completely re-cut and re-subtitled with an entirely new story that follows a monster through her journey to make a great film and the battles she faces against "The Fun Police"!

On the Disc:

  • Commentary with Editor/Writer Justin Decloux and super fan Will Sloan
  • The original uncut version of the film with English subtitles